Shopee Bosskurr

Team Bio

The Malaysian fan favourites since Season 1. They were touted to win MPL-MY/SG Season 1 with the home crowd’s backing but have failed to live up to expectations so far. This season, the biggest roster change is Fredo’s announcement to quit professional MLBB (for now?). The iconic flex player’s absence will be sorely missed by fans, but the squad is not lacking in talent, or in experience. Although Season 3 was a big disappointment for the team who almost missed the Playoffs, they are still a force to be reckoned with. Perhaps they’ve been under too much pressure and have failed to play their best. This season will be their chance to prove that they are still one of the best Malaysian teams. With newer teams looking strong and packed with talent, theirs is a tough job in cementing their status as a great team. They are individuals with skills and personalities to match. When they are on form, their picks, strategies and gameplay are a joy to watch. Fans will hope that as a team, they can gel and play more consistently at the highest level.

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