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The team was formed when Adz decided to recruit the top ranking MLBB players in Sabah. The result: the youngest squad in MPL-MY/SG Season 4 with an average age of 19. Their youngest player is Proler, who is just 14 years old. Despite their youth, the team has won 5 local tournaments leading up to their qualification to MPL-MY/SG Season 4. They are confident that their team fight-oriented playstyle which focuses on aggressive plays and fast rotations will be sufficient to overcome their lack of experience. With such a young team, they would not want to make the same mistakes of Kolia’s team last season which dominated the Regular Season but disappointed at the Playoffs when matches were played offline and in front of a crowd. If we’re talking about skills, these players are the best of the best. Adz searched the local rankings for the best mechanically-skilled individuals and their recent results have shown that working together as a team isn’t a problem. The key question is how they will perform against the top teams in Malaysia and Singapore where a player’s mental strength often far exceeds in importance compared to his/her technical skills.

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