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Ly4Ly4Ly4, JasonKoh and wQxD (former MPL-MY/SG Season 1 champions IDNS SG) reunited and successfully qualified for Season 4. Ly4 and JasonKoh – veterans of the Singapore esports scene have recruited three new members, Adammir, wCai and AY as they return to challenge for the title they won in April 2018. wQxD returns after missing out on Season 3. The team’s balance of experience and fresh faces is exciting. We’re hoping for perfect execution under JasonKoh’s leadership as well as bold hero picks and strategies with this influx of new players. Ly4 is one of the most feared individual carry players but he does tend to spend too much time farming. It’ll be interesting to see how the team revolves around his preferred playstyle and see how well the newcomers perform under the spotlight.

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