EVOS Esports SG

Team Bio

The perennial second-placed team of MPL-MY/SG. Since their debut in Season 2, EVOS has been widely regarded as one of the strongest team in the league. Despite reaching the grand final in the past two seasons, they haven’t been able to go the distance. The departure of Kolia after Season 2 made them look shaky during the Regular Season, but at the Playoffs, they showed heart and determination to claw their way out of the lower bracket and into the grand final. Making no roster changes from Season 3 shows that the team believes that they have what it takes to succeed on the big stage. They are known to be quite versatile and have excellent team fight execution. Despite largely following meta picks, they aren’t afraid to pull off surprises, most notably OhDeerBambi’s Chang’e. They successfully defeated defending champions Geek Fam at this year’s MSC 2019 and will surely be confident of their chances this season. Third time’s the charm?

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