Terms & Conditions

  1. The Malaysia & Singapore All-Star teams will consist of 5 players respectively. The players will be chosen via fans voting.
  2. To vote, voters will pick up to 5 players from each list (Malaysia and Singapore) on the Google form.
  3. Each players will have their team tags attached to the end of their in-game-nickname for the voters easy reference.
  4. The team that wins the All-Star match will walk away with a total prize pool of USD 1,500 that will be shared among the 5 players.
  5. Voters need to have a Gmail account to participate.
  6. Each email is only entitled to one vote.
  7. Multiple entries coming from the same email will be void.
  8. There will be no substitution for the all-star match.
  9. The result of the poll will be shown on the MPL website.
  10. Voters will need to choose 5 players from each country.
  11. The TOP 5 vote getters for each country will earn the honor to be their country all-stars.