Hey eGG and MPL fans! How’s the Regular Season been for you guys so far? Hope you’ve enjoyed the action and all our articles! This week, we’re bringing you yet another interview, featuring Soul, the captain of EVOS Esports SG, with some additional input from Potato! 😀

EVOS has been pretty dominant this season, as always, but there’s still a concern that they’ll end up in 2nd place again, which is something that has happened twice now where they played well but couldn’t claim the championship title. I asked Soul about that, and other related questions, so do read on to find out more.




What’s up, EVOS? How’s the regular season been for y’all? Nervous?

Hey! We’re good. As usual, the season has its ups and downs for us. We’re as nervous as always, there’s a lot of pressure on us to perform after all.

Compared to other teams, you guys didn’t change your roster at all for S4. So, I’m assuming you guys are very confident with this lineup?

I wouldn’t say we have it all figured out or anything. It’s just that…everyone in this lineup is committed to playing for this season’s MPL tournament, so the way I see it, there’s no need for us to swap any members in or out,or make any changes.

What do you think of the ‘forever 2nd place’ curse? Think you guys can overcome it this time? How?

I don’t actually see it as a bad thing, honestly. Like, it’s extremely hard to be consistent in the Playoffs after all.

(To quote Potato from his Season 3 interview: “It’s stressful when you’re up there playing, like having stage fright.” He also mentioned the fact that Playoffs are very tiring, since teams have to play lots of games back to back, and focus is definitely an issue.)

But I think we’ve somewhat gotten used to that environment, since we managed to enter the Playoffs and made it to the finals twice, so it isn’t so bad now, haha.

Plus, despite all that ‘2nd place curse’ stuff, we’ve always emerged as the top Singaporean team, and made it to MSC as well this year. So yeah, that’s still a big achievement, but we can definitely do better.

In terms of overcoming, we’ve made improvements to our training process, and we’re hoping it’ll make the difference we need to bridge that gap between 2nd and 1st.

What do you think of this season’s other teams?

As a Singaporean, I’ll have to admit the Malaysian teams are definitely performing better than they did before. It used to be all the Singaporean teams standing at the top (Bigetron SG, Flash Tyrants, etc), but now there are lots of powerful Malaysian teams like Todak and Axis Esports, and they feel stronger than us sometimes too.


Most dreaded team/player you guys hate to go against?

I would say Todak, for sure.

From the start, we already knew they were strong based on their performance, and I will admit, their very unorthodox playstyle and picks have been working well against us. Gotta step it up and train harder.

Any team/individual goals apart from winning S4?

At EVOS, we usually plan our goals step by step, so yeah, we have a clear vision in mind for what we want to achieve apart from winning this tournament, if everything goes according to plan.

There’s the upcoming SEA Games that we’ve already qualified for, of course, and we’re aiming to do well for that. Then there’s the M1, the Mobile Legends World Championship which is happening in November. So we’re hoping to play this tournament (S4) well and climb our way up to there. Which means, we at EVOS needs to do well in this Regular Season, so that we land in the upper bracket to minimize our risks and gain a huge advantage.

What’s your opinion of the meta? I don’t know, it feels a bit boring to me.

(Answered by Potato)

It’s definitely a tank-dominated meta. If a team’s tanks are playing well, that’s pretty much a win for whichever team is dominant already, and I feel like everyone’s very reliant on tanks right now.

Our tank players are definitely under a lot of pressure, I’ll admit, since they’re so important to the team’s strategy and and play a vital role in our success.