Alright guys, so…how’s the Regular Season been for you so far? Have you enjoyed it? I hope so! 

We just ended Week 3, and there were a lot of rivalry-based matchups between various teams, with the most notable being EVOS Esports SG vs Axis Esports, Resurgence vs Louvre Esports, Todak vs Axis, and Geek Fam vs Todak, so without further ado, let’s get right into the action.

Here are the results and standings.

Old Grudges

First up, let’s talk about a matchup that has a fair bit of history behind it: EVOS vs Axis.

These guys have been rivals since Season 2. Back then, EVOS was pretty much a fan favorite to win the tournament, while Axis (formerly Saiyan Reborn) was in the dumpster, sitting near the bottom of the rankings.

Somehow, during the Playoffs, Reborn flipped a switch and clawed their way up from impending elimination, throwing aside all the other strong teams to emerge in the finals. After a nail-biting match versus EVOS, Reborn won 3-2 and took home the trophy. In Season 3, however, Reborn was knocked out halfway through the Playoffs, and EVOS ended up facing Geek Fam in the finals, failing to win yet again.

Now, in a match involving the former champion and the eternal 2nd place team, Axis once again proved their consistent strength, triumphing over EVOS and knocking them down a peg.

(Axis Esports looking cool)

But EVOS didn’t give up easily,of course, and managed to end the match with a 1-2 score. It seems like neither of these teams are willing to let another chance at the championship go, and they’ve both been putting in loads of effort this season.

The Kings and the Challengers

Speaking of championships, Geek Fam is still floundering. Despite a strong finish to claim victory in S3’s finals, their performance this season has been lackluster. In Week 1, they were getting stomped hard, and their captain, 2EZ4JEPV

claimed it was due to his absence. They did manage to get a win in Week 2, hoping it would be the start of a turnaround, but it looks like that hasn’t been the case.

In Week 3, they lost both their matches (versus Todak and Notorious Villains), ending their matches 0-2 and 1-2 respectively. It’s already halfway through the season, and Geek Fam hasn’t regained their momentum. That’s very concerning.

As previously highlighted, Todak has been on a crazy win streak (no losses so far!), and taking down Geek Fam with a clean sweep is another notch in their belt towards a potential victory.

And of course, Todak took down Axis this week too, winning 2-1 and dethroning Axis from their #1 standing to claim the top spot. It’s kinda ridiculous how Todak’s just smashing their way through obstacles like their namesake, but then again, what happens in the Regular Season doesn’t always translate to the Playoffs. But credit where credit’s due, Todak is now a fan favourite to win, and I don’t see them stopping their streak anytime soon.

Old Friends, New Enemies

Meanwhile, Week 3 also saw a clash of former teammates, now on opposing sides, where Resurgence went up against Louvre Esports, beating them 2-1 and pushing Louvre even further down the standings.

It’s notable that both these teams contain the remnants of Bigetron SG (S1 champions), a now-disbanded team, with Resurgence taking in .MR VI and .Sana, while Louvre absorbed ·ly4ly4ly4, ·JasonKoh, and ·wQxD.

(Bigetron SG during Season 2.)

It’s an interesting rivalry to look out for, since these guys are all veterans, although Louvre seems to be doing pretty badly this season even with 3 experienced players on their side, with only 1 win on the standings so far. They might just be the worst Singaporean team since Season 1, since SG teams are usually in the top 5. Funny thing is, back in S1 the worst SG team was also…Louvre SG. I guess that name’s just bad luck.

Reclaiming Glory

On the other hand, Resurgence hasn’t been doing so well either, but they managed to turn that around in Week 3.

From having only 1 win, they’ve shot up to 3, knocking down both Louvre and XPAX X-Assins (2-1), another underperforming Malaysian team at the bottom of the charts.

XPAX, to their credit, managed to win another match this week as well, somehow taking down Notorious Villains 2-0 and increasing their number of won matches to 2. Still pretty bad, but there’s 3 more weeks.

Notorious Villains is a pretty strong Singaporean team (with the former EVOS player Kolia in their lineup), so their loss to XPAX is a tough pill to swallow, though their performance is admittedly a bit weaker than in S3.

(Kolia’s in the middle)

Still, #4 on the standings (as of Week 2) is nothing to scoff at.

The Scrap Heap Battle

Resurgence isn’t the only team to turn the tides this week. Shopee Bosskurr managed to do that as well, to a certain extent. They defeated Sabah Top Player with a 2-1 win, which isn’t the most inspiring feat, considering that STOP hasn’t won a single match this season. A win’s a win, all the same.

At this rate, STOP is very likely to get eliminated unless they can pull off a miracle in the second half of S4.