.MR VI’s Resurgence

Hello MPL fans! Have you enjoyed our interviews with Ashi (Todak) and 2EZ4JEPV (Geek Fam) so far? This week we’ve got another interview for you.

It’s from .MR VI, the former Bigetron SG (Season 1 champions, now disbanded) captain who’s now a player in Resurgence. Let’s hear what he has to say about the season so far!


What’s up bro?  How’s the Regular Season been for you guys?

Haha, it’s kinda stressful, but nothing we can’t cope with.

You and .SANA switched teams to Resurgence this season, right? How are you guys coping over there?

(.SANA is on the far right, .MR VI’s second from left)

In my opinion, I think we’re definitely getting along well with the rest of RSG, and our teamwork is improving too. I don’t really have any problems working with these guys.

I mean, despite us being on rival teams all along, we’ve still been friends since Season 1. So especially for me, I don’t foresee any issues. We’re all buddies!

And what about the other half of Bigetron SG? What do you think of Ly4ly4ly4’s new team, Louvre Esports?

You wanna know how it feels to go up against them? I’ll be honest, fighting them isn’t easy. We were a team for so long, so we all know each other’s strategies, strengths, and weaknesses. I mean, yeah, we still won in the end, but Ly4’s a good leader, he’s been a strong presence that guides his team well, so I’ll commend him for that.

They’re still not doing well, though. Why do you think that’s the case?

Like you said, it’s true that they have veterans from BTR in their team, alongside some newbies. But, I think they keep readjusting their team lineup too much (for example, between AY and JasonKoh) which is why they don’t have a solid footing. They need to have a strong foundation first instead of trying too hard to be flexible.

Apart from those guys, any teams or players on your radar as threats?

Well, the other Singaporean teams, of course (EVOS Esports SG and Notorious Villains). Those guys are dangerous.

 On the Malaysian side, it’s definitely Todak, since they’re rising stars, and Axis Esports, Season 2’s champions who are still powerful.

I guess they’re all really strong, huh?

Speaking as a veteran player, the teams this season all seem to be pretty strong. We’ve been having lots of fair fights, and lots of matches have ended 2-1 instead of being clean sweeps. True, some teams have had clean sweeps, but I don’t think that’s going to last for the remaining weeks. Everyone’s really putting in loads of effort and doing well.

Except maybe STOP and Bosskurr.

Eh, I wouldn’t underestimate STOP even if they seem weak. It’s true that they’re inexperienced and need to eat more salt (A Chinese metaphor, ‘eat more salt than you’ve eaten rice’, meaning someone is very experienced), but remember what happened with Saiyan Reborn back in S2? Everyone thought they would drop out during Regular Season or at the start of Playoffs, but during the Playoffs, BOOM. They went wild and won.

And STOP has made comebacks in quite a few games too, we can’t let our guard down around them. I’d say this season is definitely really exciting and unpredictable.

As for Bosskurr…well, they still have a lot of fans even without Fredo around, so I guess they have loads of loyal supporters, which is good.

So, what strategies have you guys prepared to deal with those strong teams?

I can’t reveal anything, but I’d say we’re mainly just pushing ourselves hard and working on our gameplay, as well as training together more. Those are basic things, but very important.

True. What’s your goal for this season, apart from winning the championship?

Does getting to hold the trophy twice count? I guess that’s still winning the championship. I just want to be proud of myself and make others proud of me too, really. I would say winning the World Cup, but that would also require me to win this tournament.

 Oh, but apart from that?

Well, I’m probably aiming to get the MVP in our Allstar (SG vs MY) match.

By the way, I was wondering, how long more do you intend to play in the pro scene? Back in S2 you mentioned wanting to retire…


2EZ4JEPV also mentioned retiring in his interview right?

I might try and follow the same path as him, win this tournament, get our team to the MLBB World Cup, hopefully win that as well, then quit as a player, maybe become a coach or something.

I’m getting too old for this, man!

What, you thought I was in my mid-20s?

Hahaha, don’t flatter me man, I don’t look THAT young. I’m already 30!