Hey there MPL and Mobile Legends fans, welcome back to the chaos of battle! We just ended Week 1 of Season 4’s Regular Season, and there have been some explosive developments amongst the various teams, especially EVOS Esports SG and AXIS Esports.

Here are the match scores:

And the standings chart:

Explosive Outcomes

This week, a lot of the predictions made prior to the Regular Season were absolutely blown away, with some teams demolishing the competition unexpectedly, some rebounding from previous losses, and others still solidifying their strengths.

Let’s take a look at EVOS and AXIS, for starters. It’s interesting to note that they both faced the same opponents (Geek Fam and Resurgence) this week and defeated them with the same scores.

EVOS explodes onto Season 4’s stage

It’s no secret that these Singaporean boys are one of the strongest teams in our MY/SG league, and since their debut in Season 2, they’ve maintained consistently strong performances even in the face of team reshuffles and the loss of Kolia (who’s now in Notorious Villains). Unfortunately, they’ve been thwarted twice in the grand finals by Reborn (now AXIS Esports) and Geek Fam respectively. Maybe third time’s the charm? We’ll see.

EVOS got off to an explosive start this season, with JPL and Bambi playing to their strengths and utterly annihilating Geek Fam 2-0 to avenge last season’s loss. They didn’t stop there though, and on Day 2, EVOS pulled off another stomp, beating fellow SG team Resurgence (formerly Flash Tyrants, Season 1’s 2nd place winners) 2-0 as well.

AXIS blows their competition away

Axis Esports was no slouch either. They were Season 2’s underdog winner, clawing their way up from the brink of elimination to take down EVOS and win the championship, but failed to replicate this result in Season 3 where they dropped out rather early in the Playoffs.

This time, though, it seems like they’re not holding back.

With their player Lacid rejoining them after he left the pro scene in S3, along with the addition of two new members (newcomer Zee and ICON MY’s Scott), they’re all set to reclaim their glory.

As always, Loong (with his superb Granger and Hayabusa plays) and Rynn were the backbone of the team, helping them along to a clean sweep versus Resurgence, and pulling off the same versus Geek Fam.


On the other hand, it’s sad to see supposedly strong teams like RSG, GF, Notorious Villains (formerly NARA), and Malaysia’s most popular team Shopee Bosskurr (formerly Airasia Saiyan, S1’s 4th place winners) underperforming, possibly due to a change in rosters and roles.

GF made some changes to their lineup for this season, replacing carry players Artz and Rippo with Ozoraveki (a former League of Legends pro) and Rumpel, so it’s possible that they’re just finding their footing in Week 1. Notably, Ozoraveki didn’t contribute much to his team’s performance during both their matches.

RSG’s roster has changed too. Where previously it was a team composed entirely of childhood friends, they lost Ken and took in Mr Vi and Sana after their previous team Bigetron SG (Season 1 champions) disbanded, and it doesn’t seem to have paid off yet in terms of teamwork.

Bosskurr’s roster remains mostly similar, but their star player Fredo is no longer on the team, choosing to leave after their disappointing Season 2 and 3 performances. Soloz remains a force to be reckoned with, but they seem to be overly reliant on him, and whenever he got taken out of the picture in teamfights, their performance dropped.

And of course, Notorious Villains. They’ve changed their roster by adding Ken from Resurgence, but that didn’t exactly help them win vs Bosskurr. At least they put up a fight, and came out of the match with a 1-2 score.

Will these teams become more comfortable with their new rosters and teamwork as the season progresses? Keep watching and we’ll find out!

An Explosive Debut

And of course, there have been some pretty amazing debuts from new teams this season, and some less-than-amazing ones.

With the dissolution of Bigetron, their members all moved to different teams, and veteran players Ly4Ly4Ly4 and JasonKoh formed a new team: Louvre Esports, adding the new players Adammir, wCai, and AY to their lineup.

Their debut performance was lackluster though, losing 1-2 to Todak, which is also a new team with a mixture of newbies (Moonnnnnn, Cikuuuuu, Lycheeeeee) and veterans (Nenassssss, Eoneeeeee, Xrayyyyyy).

Todak is definitely a team to watch out for, with this lineup managing to secure wins vs Louvre and Bosskurr in Week 1, both teams with far more experienced players.

Sabah Top Player is also worth a mention, formed by the pro player Adz and consisting of Sabah’s top players (as the name implies), with a lot of young members who’re mechanically skilled at MLBB.

Their average player age is only 19! Despite being new, they managed to take one game off XPAX X-Assins (ending the match 1-2), who have Unta and Artha as skilled Assassin/Fighter and Tank players respectively. They’re both underdog teams as of now.