Hey there! I hope you’ve enjoyed our recap and meta analysis articles for Week 1, but that’s not all. In the recap article, team Todak was mentioned as being a rising star, and I managed to get an interview with their manager Ashi. Read on to find out what he has to say about their performance, goals, and other stuff!

Some background info on Todak: They’re a new team that consists of veteran players (Eoneeeeee, Xrayyyyyy, Nenassssss) as well as newbies (Moonnnnnn, Cikuuuuu, Lycheeeeee), with the current squad winning the recent Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Diamond Challenge Series (MDC 2019).

Hey Todak, how’re you guys feeling so far?


Honestly? We’re really happy, cuz we didn’t expect to qualify for the Regular Season. It’s all thanks to the support from friends and family, and we’ll do our best to push forward to the next level and not let them down, God willing.

(To Ashi) You were a pro player before. What’s it like being a manager now?

Yes, I was playing for Mystic Burden back then, along with Hangus (Todak’s coach).

Todak is a great team, and I’ve enjoyed leading them to compete in tournaments and achieve success, though it was a major challenge at first, having to take ownership of a team instead of just playing alongside them.

I’m really sleepy right now, stayed up all night watching replays and analyzing pro player streams, to help the team out with their strategies and gameplay.

The responsibilities are different, for sure, but we’ll make it work together.

It’s not going to be easy. Any particular challenges for the team so far?

Well, I’m sure each team faces their own challenges and struggles, no exceptions to that.

I mean, things like arguments, differences in opinion, and stuff are common since you’ve got a bunch of very different people playing and working together, but we at Todak believe in resolving these issues like a family.

Even our members didn’t get along or agree on lots of things at first, to be honest. But now, we’ve learned to put aside our differences and cooperate, and be receptive towards whatever advice and criticism is given.

That sounds great. So, about your win VS Louvre and Bosskurr…


Yeah, they’re strong teams with very skilled players, so it wasn’t easy at all.

We’re proud of each other for working together well and bringing them down in Week 1, but that doesn’t mean we can be complacent, lots of things can change from week to week, like we’ve seen in previous seasons. Always gotta be prepared.

There’s still a long way to go and lots of teams to battle in the upcoming weeks.

What do you guys think of the other teams? Any notable threats?

They’re all really awesome and skilled, with their own strengths and weaknesses that we’ve been studying intently, so I don’t think we can say any team should be underestimated. Like I said earlier, we’ll do our best to compete, and not disappoint our fans and family who’ve been supporting us all along.

Oh, but if you’re asking us which teams are on our watchlist right now?


I would say mainly EVOS and Axis, cuz they’re currently the highest in the standings, and Axis was a former champion team back when they were known as Saiyan Reborn. There’s gotta be a reason why those guys are so strong, right?

Geek Fam (Season 3 champion team) is strong too, but they seem to be finding their footing with the addition of their new players, so for the time being they’re less of a concern, but we’ve still gotta watch out.

Anything you wanna say to your fans and the other teams?

To the fans, thank you so much for supporting us, and we hope you will continue to cheer us on through our ups and downs. Your support is very valuable, and we won’t forget you guys.

To the other teams, good luck and do your best, don’t give up! See you in the upcoming weeks 🙂

I’m still curious…why the name Todak? That’s a fish, isn’t it?

(That’s a swordfish in their logo)

Yup, it’s a fish. You know how there’s a Singaporean legend about the todak (swordfish) attacking the island ? Well, we take inspiration from those swordfish, they kept jumping out of the water to charge at their enemies even when the people put up barriers and defenses.

(Image taken from Roots.sg)

We named the team Todak cuz we want to have the same philosophy, pushing forward no matter what obstacles stand in our way.