Welcome back to our Weekly Wrap-up of the MPL-MY/SG Season 3 Regular Season. Week 1 saw old rivalries rekindled as a Kuja-inspired ICON stomped Geek Fam 2-0, and EVOS Esports SG exacted a 2-1 revenge over MPL S2 champion – Reborn.

This is the Week 1 standings

Matchday 1

EVOS Esports SG vs Bosskurr Gaming (2-0)

In the first match of day 1, EVOS SG totally ran wild over their rivals, stomping the most powerful Malaysian team, Bosskurr Gaming, to claim a score of 2-0. The Malaysian powerhouse has disappointed their supporters with this loss to a Singapore team. The lions tamed the tigers with an interesting draft and aggressive team play, asserting their dominance very early in the Regular Season.

ICON vs Geek Fam (2-0)

There was some bad blood between these 2 teams, especially during the offseason. Both were formerly under the Geek Fam family, and Kuja was previously captain of Geek Fam Mystic (now just Geek Fam). Kuja was removed from the new Geek Fam squad, and he was invited to join ICON. The move seemed to pay off, with ICON, the less established of the two rolling over Geek Fam in emphatic fashion.

Matchday 2

Resurgence vs MYA (2-0)

Resurgence come into their third season brimming with confidence and it showed in their first class display against qualifier team Mysterious Assassin. The Singaporean squad showed discipline and purpose, dictating the pace and direction of the game right from the start. Mysterious Assassin were too passive in their approach, failing to disrupt Resurgence’s game plan. This meant that the Season 2 3rd place team surged to a simple and quick 2-0 victory against the Malaysians.

Geek Fam vs Bigetron SG (2-0)

Bigetron SG looked to revive their Season glory days with the return of Jasonkoh. However, the previous night’s thrashing by ICON seemed to rejuvenate Geek Fam, who turned up with a stellar team performance to upset Bigetron SG 2-0. The Malaysians looked more organised and determined, drafting solidly and giving us well-coordinated teamfights. Geek Fam certainly made a statement that they are no pushovers.

Reborn vs EVOS Esports SG (1-2)

Ending the second day of the Regular Season, we had a MPL Season 2 Grand Final rematch between Reborn and EVOS Esports SG. This was one of the most tight and epic series over the weekend. EVOS were brave enough to pick Badang in game one and it proved devastating. However, Reborn recovered well and drafted a line-up which rendered Badang useless. Game 3 swung back in favour of the Singaporeans who took a temporary spot at the top of the standings.

Matchday 3

NARA Esports SG vs XPAX X-ASSINS (2-1)

Epic matches continued into day 3, beginning with NARA Esports SG with XPAX X-ASSINS. Both are underdogs teams, having earned their spots in the regular season through the qualifiers. The series was a closely-contested affair, but NARA Esports ultimately proved to be the stronger team with a close 2-1 score.

MYA vs ICON (0-2)

For the second match of the day, MYA and ICON battled, one for their first victory, the other for a spot at the top of the standings. As an experienced team, ICON showed greater synergy in terms of their drafting as well as their teamplay. Overall, the Cometopapa-inspired ICON dominated every part of the game and claimed their second consecutive victory, becoming the only team to remained undefeated after the opening weekend.

Reborn vs Resurgence (2-1)

This match was a flashback to the MPL Season 2 semi-final. In game one, Resurgence brought out a cheese Zhask-Diggie combo which took Reborn by surprise, and the Singaporeans stormed to a quick 1-0 lead. However, in game 2, Loong used Harith for the first time in MPL and helped his team to a tie the series 1-1. With all to play for, Reborn continued their comeback streak with a solid team performance, earning their first won series in arguably the most closely-contested match of week 1.

Loong’s performance on Harith rightly earned him the MVP of the week!

That’s it for our first MPL-MY/SG Weekly Wrap-up! Get to know more about your favourite teams and do not forget to watch all the MPL matches live on the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang official Facebook page. Who will establish an early lead in the league standings? Stay tuned next week to find out!