The MPL-MY/SG qualifiers are over. Over 1000 teams from both Malaysia and Singapore battled for 4 coveted spots in the regular season which will begin on 1 March 2019. As we wait for the season to begin, let’s meet the teams.

NARA Esports

They are the current underdog Singaporean team, having qualified for the first time to MPL. This is a quite new experience for the team but with experienced players like Kolia and Fenrir, perhaps they can  stand up against the giants of Malaysia and Singapore?

1. This is your first time in MPL, how do you feel about it?

Being able to qualify for MPL is what we already expected and for us, we are just happy about what we already achieved. This is just one step, we have 6 weeks of regular season to prove that we’re as strong as – if not stronger – than all the other teams.

2. Which Malaysian team do you think is the strongest in MPL? Why?

We think Bosskurr Gaming is currently the strongest Malaysian team because of their chemistry. They have been playing together for a long time, and they are close friends in real life. However, we hope this season they will crumble again – and we’ll be the ones that deal the finishing blow.

3. Which Singaporean team do you think is the strongest in MPL? Why?

We think Bigetron SG is the strongest among us because they are almost the same as Bosskurr Gaming in terms of their experience. They are the veterans of MPL S3, plus they welcome back Jason Koh who was part of their Season 1 title-winning squad.  

4. Which hero do you think will be the most pick in the tournament?

Of course, it will be Grock. This hero is quite OP because it can clear the lanes quickly and is also quite fast in doing rotations that set up kills or defend turrets when the enemy tries to push. A Grock should be constantly moving between lanes and that in itself is a big threat in such a fast paced game.

5. Message to Malaysian teams.

Beware Malaysia teams, the Singaporean teams will own this league and you won’t stand a chance to win MPL!