The MPL-MY/SG qualifiers are over. Over 1000 teams from both Malaysia and Singapore battled for 4 coveted spots in the regular season which will begin on 1 March 2019. As we wait for the season to begin, let’s meet the teams.

Mysterious Assassin

Mysterious Assassin are back from the dead. After finishing third in MPL Season 1, they underwent a huge roster change and failed to make the cut for Season 2. This time, however, they managed to qualify for Season 3 – no small feat. Will a new squad with some of the old guard combined with newer players bring the team back to its earlier glory days?

1. MYA made big changes to the team in order to qualify for MPL S3? Why?

We learned from our past mistakes and started to be more serious and disciplined during training. We reshuffled the roster and only kept players who were 100% committed to our heavy training schedule.

2. Which Malaysian/Singaporean team is strongest in this season?

I would say Evos Esports SG from Singapore because last season they won 2nd placing even though they were the newest Singaporean team. For Malaysia, it has to be us, because we are confident that we are the best team in Malaysia now. MPL Season 3 is our chance to prove it.

3. Which nation do you think will win the title? Malaysian or Singaporean? Why?

Unfortunately, our gut says that a Singaporean team will win the title this season because their performances are very consistent and their mindset is also very strong compared to Malaysian teams. Team Reborn winning last season was a surprise to everyone; perhaps the Singaporean teams became too proud. They won’t be making the same mistake this season. It will be a real mental battle this year to stay focused in game and not be affected by bad plays.

Every team is playing at a very high level, so it’ll come down to who has the strongest mentality.

4. How are you preparing for MPL Season 3?

We have a heavy training schedule for the team where we train from 10pm until 5-6 am daily. We also regularly scrim against strong Indonesian teams. Recently, the team moved to a new gaming house where we have good facilities for training and for discussing strategies.

5. What do you think about the new team Xpax X-Assins?

They are an underdog team consisting of many talented players. Their secret weapon will be their ‘team work’. We think they should be able to progress to the playoffs stage.

6. Your biggest rival is Bosskurr Gaming. Can you beat them again this time?

Yes, definitely! We study their gameplay a lot and have come up with a game plan just to surprise them. The most important factor in this will once again be mentality. We have improved a lot, now we just need to turn that into results.

7. What is the team’s target for this season?

Of course we will aim to win the championship.

8. What message would you like to give to Singaporean teams?

They are lions, and we are here to slay lions. Malaysian teams will rise to the top again in season 3 and send them back to their mini cages!