The MPL-MY/SG qualifiers are over. Over 1000 teams from both Malaysia and Singapore battled for 4 coveted spots in the regular season which will begin on 1 March 2019. As we wait for the season to begin, let’s meet the teams.

Geek Fam

Previously, they were known as Geek Fam Mystic in MPL season 2 and Kuja was the captain for the team. Since then, Kuja has left the team amid some disagreement between the players. The team have now dropped the ‘Mystic’ brand and believe that with a fresh start, they can claim the title of the legends. We spoke to 2ez4Jepv, the new captain of the squad, about his thoughts on the new season.

1. What do you think about your team this season?

I think the team will be more consistent this time even though Kuja is not around. The rest of us played together in Season 2 and we’ve really worked hard on improving as a team.

2. In your opinion which team is the strongest in MPL?

This season I think Bosskurr Gaming is the strongest Malaysian team but as for Singapore, I think Bigetron – the Season 1 champions are the strongest. They dominated the league and playoffs in Season 1 but didn’t do well for Season 2. I’m sure they have learned their lessons and will greatly improve. Besides, Jason Koh, one of their most influential players in Season 1 is back.

3. What heroes do you think will be the most contested?

The most contested hero in MPL will be Grock because this hero can clear up lanes and rotation very fast. It’s a very nice hero to pick in this patch. He has been one of the most important heroes since Season 1, and this shows that old heroes don’t necessarily fall off as new heroes are introduced.

4. Why did Kuja leave the team?

He left the team because we had some issues with our previous management staff that was not responsible for the team. We decided to break away from this management to be fully under the Geek Fam banner. Kuja has since moved to ICON, and we wish him the best of luck with them.

5. Who will be taking Kuja’s place in the team?

For now, we have not added any new members. I (Jepv) am taking the role of team captain, whereas Xorn will be our in-game shot caller.

6. What is the target for Geek Fam this season?

Our first target is qualifying to the playoffs. If we reach that, then during the playoffs, our aim is to win the whole competition. This team has great potential, and although we aren’t the strongest on paper, we have greatly improved since Season 2.

Our fans have been supporting us all the way since Season 1. We hope to make them proud by winning the whole thing!