The MPL-MY/SG qualifiers are over. Over 1000 teams from both Malaysia and Singapore battled for 4 coveted spots in the regular season which will begin on 1 March 2019. As we wait for the season to begin, let’s meet the teams.

Evos Esports SG

Last season, they place 2nd after a gruelling hard fight against the Malaysian Underdogs Saiyan Reborn. Now they come back stronger and wiser to bring the title back to Singapore.

1) Why did Kolia leave the team? How was the team affected? Why didn’t you add another player?

We decided to remove Kolia from the team because we felt that he wasn’t a player we needed. It didn’t affect the team that much as we were used to playing without him ever since the MPL playoffs when we would sub him out for Ace. There wasn’t a need for a new player as we already had Kid.

2)Who is the shot caller for the team now?

Bambi and Soul are the two main shot callers depending on the situation.

3) What do you think about the new teams from Malaysia (Xpax X-Assins, MYA, ICON MY)

As seen from season 2, newcomers are definitely teams which we shouldn’t look down on. I’m expecting a good performance from them all, especially ICON MY who gave us a hard time last season.

4)Which Malaysian team is your biggest rival? Why?

Definitely Reborn. They stood in our way of becoming champions and we won’t let them stop us again this season.

5) How do you feel about being beaten by the Malaysian underdog team last season?

Being Singapore’s underdogs, we felt we did much better than everyone’s expectations and we are happy with what we achieved. It was surprising for us that Reborn performed so well, but this season we will come back stronger and be better prepared!

6) In your opinion which Malaysian team will be the strongest this season?

In my opinion, Bosskur is the strongest. They have unpredictable drafts and strong individual players. Their teamwork is also very impressive. The fact that they didn’t change rosters means that they have played with each other for quite a long time. Their communication and coordination will be top-notch.

7) What heroes do you think will be the most contested?

We think Kimmy, Harith, Grock, Kaja and Chou. All either have high damage output or good teamfight control. They are active right from the start and can easily impact the game.

8) What are your thoughts about the Malaysian teams in general?

1 SGD = RM 3. ‘Nuff said.