The MPL-MY/SG qualifiers are over. Over 1000 teams from both Malaysia and Singapore battled for 4 coveted spots in the regular season which will begin on 1 March 2019. As we wait for the season to begin, let’s meet the teams.  

Bigetron SG

The champion MPL-MY/SG season 1 underperformed in season 2. They looked lacklustre and directionless. Nevertheless, they had moments of brilliance, but it wasn’t enough to defend their title. With the return of veteran Jason Koh, will this be their return to glory?

1) What do you think about Malaysian teams this season?

Malaysia teams are always very hardworking and challenging every season, so we must not underestimate their power. They have improved greatly since the first season of MPL, and the skill gap has definitely been narrowed.

2) Which Malaysian team do you think is the strongest at the moment?

In our opinion, Bosskurr Gaming is the still the strongest. They are one of the earliest competitive Mobile Legends team in Malaysia and they have had lots of tournament experience. The fact that the team has mostly stayed the same since season 1 is proof that they have all the ingredients for success. They usually perform better during the regular season compared to the playoffs, but I think this year they will really shine.

3) How are you going to strategize to win MPL-MY/SG Season 3?

We don’t really train specific strategies. We still prefer to play by ear most of the time. We think it’s important to play the heroes and strategies that we are comfortable with, rather than just following the ranked meta.

4) What do you think about Nara eSports who successfully advanced past the Singapore qualifier?

The only thing I can say is welcome on board Nara eSports, it’s just the beginning of lots of Mobile Legends action and drama in MPL.

5) Last season your team was inconsistent during the Regular Season, which surprised many. What happened?

Last season was quite bad for us due to our players’ busy lifestyle. Not all of us are full-time professional gamers. Hopefully, this season will be better, and we will bring the title back to Singapore!

6) What would you say to the Malaysian teams playing this season?

We are back to reclaim the title again, the ex-king is coming for you.