Yesterday, we witnessed 4 Singaporean teams battle for 1 regular season slot in the 3rd season of MPL-MY/SG. The teams were NEWERA, Jasper & Friends, NARA eSports and Infamous. They were the best teams in Singapore to get through to the qualifiers. Let’s not waste time and break down what happened on Sunday.

Semi-Final 1:


NEWERA vs Jasper & Friends (0-2)

Game 1

At the start of the game, we saw Jasper & Friends play so aggressively by taking the Turtle at minute 2 and they got their first blood by killing Ironmank from team NEWERA. They managed to destroy the first turret earlier and the game became more interesting at minute 4 when team Jasper killed 3 players of NEWERA and get their 2nd turtle. In the end, Jasper & Friends won the first game with style by accumulating much more kills and gold difference in the game.


Game 2

Next, Jasper & Friends maintained their momentum just like in game 1 and they still have the same playstyle with their heroes. At the start of the game both teams played pretty evenly, trading hero kills in a back and forth early game. Things changed when NEWERA show more aggression towards Jasper & Friends. The Minotaur from NEWERA played an important role in the team to get their kills. Nevertheless, as time passed, team NEWERA made a big mistake by being caught in a bad position and it cost them their elimination from the qualifier.


Semi-Final 2.

Nara eSports vs Infamous (2-0)


Game 1

The second match was underway with NARA eSports up against Infamous. The game looked pretty balanced early on but soon after, NARA eSports dominated in-game objectives like Turtle and towers. This led to Infamous slowly falling behind in terms of gold and kills. Even though Infamous had better crowd-control, they still couldn’t fight the damage output from NARA eSports, who eventually took game 1.

Game 2

We can see an improvement in terms of Infamous’ hero picks but then the early game was still dominated by NARA eSports. Infamous seemed lost when involved in a teamfight against NARA eSports. After NARA eSports secure the first turtle the game already looked like a one-sided match and it was hard for Infamous to make a comeback. At last, Nara eSports advanced to the grand final to meet with their last opponent Jasper & Friends.


Grand Final

Jasper & Friends vs NARA eSports (1-2)


Game 1

This was the most awaited match of the qualifier because only 1 team will earn the right to enter the regular season! As expected the game was fiercer whereby Jasper & Friends started the game by getting the first blood and a Turtle. Jasper looked more aggressive in their playstyle compared to their previous match as they secured two Lords in game 1. Even though NARA eSports had a better draft, they still couldn’t stand against the wrath of Jasper & Friends. Eventually, Jasper secured game 1 and took a step closer to qualify for the regular season.


Game 2

After NARA eSports already identified their mistakes in game 1, they came back stronger with a better line-up and playstyle. As early as minute 2, Jasper & Friends were looking weak after their players were chased and hunted down by Nara eSports. After a long fight, NARA eSports found team Jasper’s weaknesses and they killed them one by one. Unsurprisingly, NARA eSports put up a strong performance and came back into the series by winning game 2.


Game 3

This was the deciding match on who will advance to MPL-MY/SG regular season and both teams played it carefully during the early game of the match. At minute 7, Jasper & Friends made a mistake by giving NARA eSports the chance to take objectives and it cost them a lot in the game. Team Jasper lost almost every teamfight against NARA eSports even though their hero line-up was evenly matched against NARA eSports. The fighting ended when Jasper & Friends were wiped out by NARA eSports at the 11th minute, giving NARA the final MPL-MY/SG regular season spot!


A big congratulations to NARA eSports who have qualified for the regular season. They will be joining the 9 other teams: Team Reborn, Evos Esports SG, Resurgence, Bosskurr Gaming, GeekFam, Bigetron SG, ICON MY, Mysterious Assassin and Xpax X-Assins.

MPL will be taking a short break and the regular season will begin at early March, so be sure to follow the news and catch the best Mobile Legends action here!