The votes have been cast, the players have been decided, and now, the Malaysia-Singapore All-Star Match is here!

Across the Causeway, each country is gathering its team in preparation for battle, assembling their players for the ultimate showdown.

When will the match take place?

It’s happening this Saturday!

The match will take place on 13 Oct, at 3pm. We’ll be streaming it on our Facebook page!

Team Rosters

As I’ve mentioned, the players selected for each side were voted on by fans, and are some of the strongest and most popular in their respective countries.


Team Malaysia is composed mainly of AirAsia Saiyan team members, along with Syno and Feekz. While they’re not as powerful in terms of raw skill compared to Team Singapore,Team Malaysia is still strong, and will definitely put up a challenge.

Fredo – AirAsia Saiyan

He’s basically the MPL version of a rockstar. Fredo (along with the rest of his AirAsia Saiyan team members) has a really huge Malaysian fanbase, and his gameplay skills are great too. Taking 4th place in Season 1’s playoffs is already considered a pretty awesome achievement.


Syno has proven himself to be a very strong player throughout the regular season, especially when allowed to pick his Chou, picking off targets easily and setting up kills for his team, or disengaging well when targeted. ICON’s major issue is teamwork though, hopefully Syno can synergize well with this team.

Penjahat – AirAsia Saiyan

Penjahat’s quite popular too, and is a very skilled assassin player. Beware of his Fanny, he’s gonna fly all over the map.


Feekz has the highest KDA of the regular season, although he only joined in the 2nd half of the season due to tournament regulations (him and 2ez4jepv were involved in a controversial rules dispute earlier on), and is an invaluable player for GEEK FAM MYSTIC

Soloz – AirAsia Saiyan

The “newbie” of AirAsia Saiyan, Soloz has only been playing with them for slightly more than 1 season, since he joined after Season 1 ended. Regardless, he has proven his worth and ability to fit into AirAsia Saiyan, receiving the Regular Season MVP Award. Can he fit well into this Allstar team too? We’ll see.


On the Singaporean side, EVOS is the dominant team in their Allstars lineup.

Bambi – EVOS Esports SG

Bambi is a mage and assassin player, with one of his strongest picks being Gusion, receiving Week 4’s MVP achievement for his really awesome plays on Gusion and Selena.

Ly4Ly4Ly4 – Bigetron SG

Ly4 has been a mainstay of Bigetron SG since Season 1, and was a major factor in helping them secure victory in the playoffs. In more recent games, he’s been essential to Bigetron’s survival in the playoffs, saving them from the verge of dropping out due to terrible performance. He’s a marksman main, by the way, and the current meta favours marksmen.

Soul – EVOS Esports SG

Soul was the MVP of Week 2, going crazy while playing Karrie and scoring the 1st Savage of the regular season. He’s a really solid player to be honest,

Aeon – Flash Tyrants

He’s the captain of Flash Tyrants, and a very skilled player who was part of the squad that went up against Bigetron SG in Season 1’s finals. Unfortunately, they didn’t win and took 2nd place, but it’s still a major achievement to come so close. Aeon is also a highly skilled player, apart from being a good team captain.

Kolia – EVOS Esports SG

ANOTHER strong player from EVOS. Kolia is a tank/support main, so don’t expect him to make any flashy plays, though he’s always around to protect you, if you need a shield or helping hand.