Day 2 marked the beginning of the end for various teams, with 4 teams in total being eliminated: Bigetron SG, both GEEK FAM teams (ICON and Mystic), and Traitor.

Goodbye, Traitor

Traitor 0, GEEK FAM Mystic 2

We started out with the Lower Bracket matches.

The first match of the day ended badly for Traitor, where they got utterly demolished by GEEK FAM Mystic.

Across both games, Hangus and his squad fought hard to avoid elimination, and both teams showed extremely aggressive plays, but a series of silly mistakes ended Traitor’s playoffs run.

An ICON falls

GEEK FAM ICON 0, AirAsia Saiyan 2

Match 2 of the lower bracket saw GEEK FAM ICON falling in battle, after 3 hard-fought games against AirAsia Saiyan. The flow of the match ebbed back and forth, with both sides demonstrating their skills, but in the end GEEK FAM ICON’s teamwork was lacking, which was especially obvious in game 3 where their team got split up and picked off a lot, allowing ASYN to gain the advantage to win.

Of course, ASYN also played really well, with their captain Fredo making lots of big plays (he was the MVP for Match 1).

Mystic, Defeated

GEEK FAM Mystic 1, Flash Tyrants 2

The battle between GEEK FAM Mystic and Flash Tyrants in the upper bracket was another intense one, ending 2-1 in a win for Tyrants. While we were expecting an easy win for Tyrants, Mystic refused to give in, and took game 2 using their (uncommon) Clint pick.

Unfortunately, while Mystic was winning early on in Game 3, FT managed to steal a Lord from them, which turned the entire game around, forcing Mystic down into the Lower Bracket.

GEEK FAM Mystic 0, AirAsia Saiyan 2

In their following match, GEEK FAM Mystic was eliminated by AirAsia Saiyan after a crushing 0-2 loss. Mystic couldn’t overcome the wall that is ASYN, finishing in the same position (#5/#6) as last season’s playoffs.

Well, they came this far despite all the uncertainty regarding their new roster, so I guess that’s something to be proud of.

The War in Singapore

EVOS Esports SG 2, Bigetron SG 0

Both Singaporean teams were evenly matched at first. EVOS had better teamfight control though, and BTR’s draft in game 1 was WAY too greedy (they picked THREE assassins!). EVOS smashed them, with Bambi’s Lunox contributing 47% of the total team damage.

In Game 2, the flow was more back and forth, and EVOS nearly ended the game at one point, but Bigetron’s Sana respawned on his Helcurt and drove them back. In the end though, EVOS still managed to win by distracting BTR at Lord while 2 people pushed the midlane. Despite BTR’s solid performance in the latter half of the regular season, maybe they haven’t regained their season 1 form yet.

Credit goes to EVOS too, for their solid plays.


A Major Upset

Bigetron SG 0, Saiyan Reborn 2

Oh, WOW. After their disastrous regular season performance and dismal showing in the first playoffs match (versus Tyrants), I though Saiyan Reborn wasn’t anything special.

I guess I was wrong.

They utterly steamrolled Bigetron SG in their first game (22-9), with Loong’s Claude dealing 64% of Reborn’s total damage and picking up a Maniac. The 2nd game was no different, with Reborn refusing to give BTR any chances.

BTR, the former Season 1 champions, have unexpectedly concluded their Season 2 run in 5th/6th place. Even Reborn wasn’t expecting their victory, although they definitely played to their best.

As for Bigetron, Mr Vi is getting kind of tired of playing Mobile Legends, so the future’s uncertain for them.

Tomorrow’s Matches

5th/6th Placement

Bigetron SG vs GEEK FAM Mystic

7th/8th Placement

GEEK FAM ICON vs Traitor