On Saturday, we held our Allstar Match between Team Singapore and Team Malaysia. Honestly, I was expecting Malaysia to put up a fight and win at least 1 game, but instead, the tiger lost the fight and got devoured by the lion.

Yes, that’s right, Malaysia lost 0-2 to Singapore. Malaysia’s team had a lot of star players, but I guess teamwork was far more important as Team Singapore demonstrated.

Here are the rosters, as voted on by fans.


Fredo – AirAsia Saiyan


Penjahat – AirAsia Saiyan


Soloz – AirAsia Saiyan


Bambi – EVOS Esports SG

Ly4Ly4Ly4 – Bigetron SG

Soul – EVOS Esports SG

Aeon – Flash Tyrants

Kolia – EVOS Esports SG


Game 1

Game 1 started in Malaysia’s favour, with the players demonstrating their superior drafting and banning skills. For reference, here was the lineup on Malaysia’s side:






And this was Singapore’s lineup:






It’s not that Singapore’s team composition was bad, but Malaysia’s heroes had better synergy. In the early game, Malaysia was stomping all over Singapore (with the score sitting at 10-4 by 9 minutes and a 3000 gold lead), so SG had to play cautiously and avoid reckless plays.

SG demonstrated very good teamwork, punishing MY for their overconfidence, and they managed to regain their momentum slowly, even taking a Lord, which unfortunately didn’t deal a lot of damage because SG couldn’t follow up.

In the end, the game was won by a teamfight at the toplane jungle, where MY messed up their positioning, allowing Gord (Bambi) to land his ult on the entire MY team, with Aeon following up to get a Maniac on Gusion.  SG didn’t lose a single member in that teamfight!

I guess Team MY just couldn’t capitalize on their early lead, and their Grock (Syno, who’s primarily known for his Chou) and Hanabi (Feekz) couldn’t do much overall.

Game 2

Game 2 was a bit more even, with both teams trading kills back and forth, though Singapore had a slight edge. At one point, they tried to end the game but failed, giving Malaysia the chance to take a Lord. In fact, Malaysia managed to get the Lord TWICE, but it wasn’t enough to win, unfortunately. Game 2 was won by yet another decisive teamfight, where Soul (on Aldous) and Ly4ly4ly4 (on Helcurt) picked off Fredo, Soloz, and Syno, pushing to win the game.


Congratulations to Team Singapore. We’ll see how it goes in the playoffs this weekend!