…I guess two teams got eliminated after all.

Welcome to the final caster article for the regular season. In this week’s article, we’ll be having a look at week 6 as well as predictions for the upcoming playoffs.

Throwing Games

Both Ikuto and KBCSensei have voiced their disappointment with how a lot of teams in week 6 seemingly threw away games that could have been won, especially in the upper ranks. Teams like EVOS and AirAsia were assured a place in the playoffs, so they really didn’t bother to play properly and just messed around, ruining their winning streaks and affecting their potential matchups in the playoffs.

In particular, KBC really wasn’t happy with AirAsia Saiyan’s final match of the week vs Bigetron SG, since it was expected that Saiyan was going to win handily, or at least triumph after a struggle. Instead, they played badly and got utterly trashed by Bigetron, losing 0-2.

EVOS wasn’t much better, losing 1-2 to Geek Fam ICON (though ICON is pretty strong, so it’s understandable) and the underperforming team Saiyan Reborn, which gave Reborn just enough points to avoid elimination.


As already predicted by Ikuto before, Borneo Dragon FV and We Own World were eliminated. BD FV just couldn’t adjust to a tournament-based meta (as opposed to solo queue), and WOW’s performance was consistently mediocre.Maybe they’ll come back stronger in Season 3? I can’t say for sure. They’ll definitely need to train a lot harder though.

Teams to Watch Out For

KBCSensei thinks AirAsia Saiyan

are a pretty big threat, and they’ve improved quite a lot compared to season 1. Even back then, they were already in 4th place, so with their improvements this time round they can probably go even further.

The new kids on the block, EVOS SG,

are also very strong, and despite their lack of experience, they definitely have the gameplay skills to carry forward, which they demonstrated well in the qualifiers and regular season.

Of course, we can’t forget

Bigetron SG and

Flash Tyrants, the champions and runner-ups of Season 1 respectively. Bigetron has been steadily improving since the midseason break, compared to their dismal performance in weeks 1-3, and Flash Tyrants are currently in the #1 spot of the rankings. These two teams are definitely dangerous opponents.

ICON’s pretty strong too, with a bunch of highly-skilled individual players, though they’re somewhat hampered by weak teamwork