Alright, Mobile Legends fans, if you’ve been following Season 2 of the MPL – MY/SG tournament so far, you’ll know what’s going to happen this weekend:


Here’s what you can expect.


On Day 1, we have quite a few interesting matches.


First up, we’ll be seeing a rematch of the rivals from Season 1, Bigetron SG and AirAsia Saiyan.

During the regular season, Bigetron managed to turn their bad performance prior to the midseason break around,.

In the other corner, AirAsia Saiyan has been steadily improving their performance compared to last season, finishing the regular season with only 2 matches lost.


We’re also having another rematch between GEEK FAM Mystic and Traitor.

They already clashed once during the regular season, with GEEK FAM Mystic winning 2-1. Now, they’re going head to head again, and both teams have had decent performance during the regular season. Will the traitor Hangus triumph, or can his former team get revenge once more?

The Underdog and the Tyrants

Saiyan Reborn, an underdog team in Season 2, managed to scrape by and enter the playoffs at the bottom of the standings, but their luck might not last long.

Their first match is going to be versus Flash Tyrants, the current #1 team in the standings and last season’s 2nd place winners, and it’s likely Reborn will get trashed and drop to the lower bracket.

KBCSensei’s Predictions & Power Rankings

1) Flash Tyrants

They have a high chance of winning S2, and are consistent in their performance, with a very strong lineup. FT is definitely a favourite to win if they can maintain their current performance.

2) EVOS Esports SG

A new team that’s VERY strong, they’re not the most consistent or experienced, but their strength should be taken seriously. EVOS is a worthy rival for fellow Singaporeans FT.

3) AirAsia Saiyan

ASYN has good potential, but aren’t very consistent, and can be prone to making silly mistakes. The Playoffs are on their home turf, but do they have the homeground advantage?

4) Bigetron SG

The roster change after the break, where they swapped in FattyLim, was good for them, and they seem to have regained their Season 1 level of play. Whether it’s enough to win remains to be seen.

5) GEEK FAM Mystic

They’re not the best or strongest, but Feekz is a powerful player, and adding him in was a good choice.

6) Traitor

A mixture of new and veteran players, Traitor has shown signs of good potential, but their performance needs a LOT of polish.


They’ve got strong individual players, but lack teamwork and consistency. Talent is important, but talent alone won’t be enough to carry them forward if they don’t work hard.

8) Saiyan Reborn

Unlike their sister squad AirAsia Saiyan, Reborn are underdogs. It won’t be easy for them, but they’ve made it this far, so at least that’s something to be proud of.