Welcome back to our weekly match recap. We’re now in Week 4, after the recent 11-day midseason break, and things are heating up again.

Here are the daily recap videos and standings chart!

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Fall of the Saiyans

It looks like Week 4 hasn’t been kind to the Saiyan siblings, with both teams losing badly. AirAsia Saiyan finally had their winstreak of 5 games broken, by none other than the new Singaporean kids on the block, EVOS Esports SG.

While ASYN is still dominant in the rankings, this loss has dethroned them from #1, and EVOS are now sitting at the top. Could this be a sign of changing fortunes?

In other news, their sister team Saiyan Reborn is still underperforming, and got wiped out by another underperforming team, We Own World. WOW can now breathe easy for a while, but Saiyan Reborn has been thrown into a precarious position.


Rising Again

Meanwhile, Bigetron SG FINALLY won a match. The meta right now, which somewhat favours marksmen, is particularly helpful especially with Ly4ly4ly4 as a star MM player. Granted, their win was against Saiyan Reborn, so it’s not like it was an amazing upset or anything.

They’re still at #9 though, so BTR has to work hard to make sure they win their last 3 matches (Borneo Dragon FV, We Own World, and AirAsia Saiyan).

I can see them beating BD FV and WOW, but ASYN is a tough rival.


Clash of Titans

We also had a highly anticipated match between a titan from each country, Geek Fam ICON and Flash Tyrants. It was hard fought, but in the end Tyrants were more dominant, and managed to pull off a 2-0 win.



Aside from matchups between strong teams, one other interesting match would be the Geek Fam Mystic vs Traitor matchup.


Because Hangus from Traitor is an ex-Mystic Burden (what Geek Fam Mystic was called before the mid-season rebranding) player, who left the team and later formed Traitor, which is composed of him and other players from various MCB sister squads. So yes, the name “Traitor” is very fitting for them.

It seems Geek Fam Mystic got their revenge by winning against their former comrade, although it wasn’t a clean sweep.

Despite their loss to GFAM Mystic, Traitor is still doing pretty well though, and even managed to beat ICON (who’re supposedly one of Malaysia’s top teams) 2-0!



MVP of the Week

And the MVP of the week is…Oh Deer Bambi, from EVOS Esports SG!

This is the 2nd time in 4 weeks that an EVOS player has gotten the weekly MVP, and it really speaks to the quality of their team as a whole.

Oh Deer Bambi played really well in both their matches (against AirAsia Saiyan and Borneo Dragon FV), and his skills in handling Assassin heroes are a force to be reckoned with.

Bambi’s Selena was what gave him the MVP of the Week, but we’ve already done a spotlight for Selena, so let’s have a look at the other Assassin hero that Bambi played a lot, Gusion.

Hero Spotlight

Gusion’s a highly mobile assassin that can dive in and out of fights, locking on to a single target with his thrown daggers and flying towards them to deal heavy damage. He’s been nerfed a fair bit already compared to his peak period, but is still strong in the right hands, just not overpowered.