…who’s the strongest of them all?

We’re done with Week 4 of the Regular Season, and there have been a lot of interesting developments.

To recap briefly:

The Saiyan teams haven’t been doing well. AirAsia Saiyan got dethroned from their #1 throne by EVOS Esports SG, and Saiyan Reborn continues to fall even lower after losing to both We Own World and Bigetron SG (who finally won their first match in 4 weeks).

In a battle of titans, Flash Tyrants managed to defeat ICON with a 2-0 score.

Meanwhile, Geek Fam Mystic managed to get revenge on their former teammate, Hangus from Traitor, but not without Traitor putting up a tough fight beforehand.

Here’s the standings chart, for reference.

So, let’s see what the casters have to say about it.

Pseudo and

Ikuto are quite happy about the overall showing by the teams in week 4, especially with their drafts that prove that they’ve actually studied the meta. At this point the power levels of the teams are quite clear.

The new additions to the teams are also very helpful. Not all of them were super impactful, but they’ve been vital in stabilizing team performance.

Ikuto’s quite certain of who the top teams are (EVOS SG and Flash Tyrants, both Singaporean teams), but is still uncertain about the bottom 2, since quite a few teams are underperforming, like WOW, Bigetron, Saiyan Reborn, and Borneo Dragon. They’re going to be facing each other a lot in the upcoming weeks, so it should be pretty interesting to watch.

He’s really on the EVOS hype train right now to be honest, and is quite convinced that they can win this season’s championship.



Pseudo’s predicting that Traitor will be the team to watch out for in week 5, amongst the various Malaysian teams.

Ikuto and him both agree that AirAsia Saiyan will also be a dangerous opponent, since they’ve been dethroned from their #1 position and might get beaten up by Traitor and Bigetron in their upcoming matches too.

They’re assured a spot in the playoffs unless they do super badly (which is not likely) so at worst they’ll end up in 4th or 5th place, which should be a good motivator for AirAsia Saiyan to fight back hard and not be complacent.