Welcome back to our weekly caster consultation column.

To recap, Week 3 was a week of rivalries, with fellow countrymen like Bigetron and EVOS battling it out, and sibling teams (e.g. Saiyan Reborn and AirAsia Saiyan) struggling to establish dominance over each other.

Not Worthy to be a Rival

As usual, everyone’s bashing Bigetron (they deserve it) for subpar performance. They got beaten up by their upcoming rivals EVOS SG, and didn’t perform well in their other match vs Mystic Burden either.

KBCSensei has expressed that despite BTR SG managing to claim one point off Mystic Burden, they’re a disappointment and STILL haven’t won any matches. It’s likely that they’re too far gone to recover, with only 3 weeks of matches left.

Pseudo and

Ikuto echo his sentiment, stating that teams like Bigetron and Saiyan Reborn haven’t been able to adapt well to a changing meta.

Close Rivalry

Meanwhile, ICON and EVOS are proving to be worthy rivals for AirAsia Saiyan, as they hound each other relentlessly at the top of the charts. In fact, ICON’s on a 4-0 match winstreak! KBCSensei’s pretty excited about their performance, although Ikuto is somewhat skeptical due to what he perceives as ICON’s strong individual plays but weak teamwork

Upcoming Rivals

It’s not just them, though. Pseudo thinks that lots of other teams are catching up to AirAsia Saiyan too. Despite generally subpar performances, teams like Borneo Dragon FV and We Own World still have some fire in them and have displayed some good plays. BD FV’s main problem, as Ikuto says, is their inability to adapt to the competitive meta instead of the usual solo queue playstyle.

Roster Swaps

We’re likely to see a bunch of roster shuffles too, which I’ll cover in another article. One prominent example would be Feekz, who joined Mystic Burden amidst lots of controversy and wasn’t allowed to play in the first half of the regular season. Hopefully the roster swap will be helpful to the bottom-performing teams, though it doesn’t seem quite likely