Well, that’s it, we’re finally done with the Regular Season.

Week 6 ended with a bang, with two teams (I’ll tell you who shortly) being eliminated from the tournament, and the rest scrambling to secure their prize money and favourable positions in the playoffs bracket. There were some pretty unexpected outcomes,and lots of crazy plays.

Here are the standings chart and recap videos.

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Goodbye, Goodnight

Let’s get this out of the way first: the two teams that were eliminated are Borneo Dragon FV, and We Own World.

They, along with Saiyan Reborn (who slumped after the midseason break), were amongst the worst performers of the regular season, consistently in danger of dropping out.

At the beginning of Week 6, it was uncertain which 2 of the 3 teams would be eliminated, but the consensus was that Saiyan Reborn would likely be one of the dropouts.

In the end, BD FV and WOW both lost 0-2 in their respective final matches (against Traitor and Flash Tyrants), leaving Saiyan Reborn in 8th place.

Yasuo (WOW) and Adz (BD FV) have both expressed sadness, but intend to continue pushing forward, joining local tournaments, and training harder in hopes of trying again the next time round.

Barely Clinging On

Speaking of Saiyan Reborn, they barely clung to the rankings, entering the playoffs with only 9 points (in contrast with Flash Tyrants’ 20p).

In Week 6, Reborn’s 1-2 loss against Geek Fam Mystic and surprising win 2-0 versus EVOS Esports SG helped to keep their heads above the water, and the self-destruction of the other two lowest teams (mentioned above) was a stroke of luck for them.

Breaking Streaks

Meanwhile, in the upper ranks, we saw quite a few interesting match results. There were no disqualifications at stake, but the top teams played to their best anyway, relentlessly battling each other.

Like I mentioned, Saiyan Reborn pulled off a surprising 2-0 win versus EVOS, who have been on a winning streak since Week 2. Their only other loss prior to this was their disastrous match in Week 1 where they were still finding their footing.

This, along with EVOS losing 1-2 to ICON, dethroned them from #1, a spot now occupied by Flash Tyrants.

AirAsia Saiyan, our strongest Malaysian team, also got knocked down a peg. They were handed their 2nd loss of the regular season (the 1st was against EVOS in week 4), losing badly to Bigetron SG in the most-anticipated match of week 6 (and maybe the entire regular season)

Player/Hero Spotlight


The MVP for week 6 is Loong from Saiyan Reborn. Loong was a key player in their matches versus Geek Fam Mystic and EVOS Esports SG, and his skills, especially with Claude, helped in saving Saiyan Reborn from elimination.

Hero Spotlight

The featured hero is Claude. He’s a very powerful (borderline broken) marksman who can easily deal lots of damage and also run away easily, and contribute very well to teamfights.