For Week 5’s Hero Spotlight, let’s focus on Hanabi!

Lun played her really well in Week 5, and his Maniac with Hanabi demonstrated how she can contribute a LOT to teamfights.

So…why is Hanabi strong?

1. Bouncing Autoattacks

Her Skill 1 allows her to use mana to make her autoattacks bounce. 1v1, it isn’t exactly a useful skill, but it really shines in a teamfight when everyone is grouped up and she can bounce attacks between the entire enemy team to deal loads of damage.

2. CC Immunity (With Passive)

Hanabi’s passive grants her a crowd control immunity skill at full HP, so if you’re trying to attack and crowd control her without depleting her shield first, you’ll have a bad time.

3. Spreading Ultimate + CC

Her ultimate is a flower that roots and damages the first enemy it hits, and slows enemies around. If enemies don’t get out of the slow radius fast enough, another flower will bloom and cause the same effect for whoever’s in the radius (only once per enemy though). Pretty strong effect, especially when combined with other crowd control and Area of Effect abilities.

How to Play Hanabi

Emblems & Items

For emblems, run standard Marksman emblems, choosing either Weapon Master or  Weakness Finder, or an Assassin emblem set with Bounty Hunter to gain gold fast.

For items, Lun suggests the following:

Mana Boots – Her Skill 1 consumes a lot of mana if you spam it early on

Scarlet Phantom – For Attack Speed, to fire her bouncing shots faster and in larger amounts

Berserker Fury – Her multi-hit attacks allow her to stack Berserker Fury’s passive pretty fast

Athena Shield – It gives you a shield to synergize with her passive

Blade of Despair – Standard high attack damage item for marksmen

Wind of Nature – Avoiding physical damage


Try to prioritize Scarlet Phantom and Berserker Fury to farm fast, since she has an absolutely terrible early game laning phase.

Pick Barrier as a Battle Spell if possible to stack with her shield, and always position correctly to maximize your bounces, and to avoid getting caught by enemies and killed.