Hey there, here’s our second-last caster consultation for S2’s regular season.

A brief recap of Week 5:

It was a week which saw lots of matches between pioneers and strong teams, versus underdogs. Most of the matches were clean (2-0) sweeps in favour of the strong teams.

Teams that dominated their opponents included AirAsia Saiyan, Flash Tyrants, Bigetron SG, Geek Fam Mystic, and EVOS Esports SG. Meanwhile, Borneo Dragon FV, We Own World, and ICON (who were generally pretty strong before Week 5) underperformed.

I didn’t manage to get a lot of caster insights for Week 5, so I’ll mainly focus on what KBCSensei said.

Bigetron, Rising Again

KBCSensei feels that Fattylim’s addition to the Bigetron roster has been good for them, as they’ve been able to rise again following their disastrous performance from the beginning of Regular Season until the break. Fattylim is a very capable multi-role player, and has managed to propel BTR into 7th place. But once again, they’re meeting their rivals AirAsia Saiyan in the final match of this Regular Season, so we’ll see how it goes.

Saiyan Reborn and Borneo Dragon FV, Underperforming

These two teams have been doing terribly. They weren’t amazing before the break, but at the very least they were decent. But now, they’re on the verge of elimination, perched on the lowest spots of the standings. Saiyan Reborn’s chances of making it in aren’t looking good, and them facing EVOS Esports SG for their final game isn’t a good omen either. Meanwhile, BD FV is also in a slump, and is facing off VS Traitor.


There will likely be a tiebreaker between We Own World, BD FV, and Reborn, similar to what happened in Season 1 between Falcon7 and Louvre. But then again, sometimes desperate situations bring out a person’s true capabilities, so they might fight even harder with their entry to the playoffs in jeopardy.