Welcome back to our weekly recap of the MPL – MY/SG Season 2 Regular Season! It’s already the end of week 3, and time really flies. Note that we’ll be having a midseason break after this, with the season resuming on the 7th of September.

Alright, so let’s get into the action for week 3.

Here are the standings chart and recap videos.

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In Week 3 the running theme which could be observed across the matches was Rivalry, especially between “sibling” teams like AirAsia Saiyan and Saiyan Reborn, or teams from the same country like EVOS SG and Bigetron SG.

Speaking of EVOS and BTR…

Worthy Rivals?

In their matchup, EVOS totally ran wild over their rivals and countrymen on Day 1, stomping BTR to claim a score of 2-0. It’s quite evident that Bigetron still hasn’t regained the form they were in during Season 1, preferring to cruise by (unsuccessfully) on their skills instead of training hard. They haven’t won a single match!

Well, the midseason break’s here, so let’s hope they use the free time to train and improve.

In other news, we also had rivalries developing across borders, with Flash Tyrants going up against Traitor. Traitor isn’t a bad team per se, but they’re somewhat inexperienced, and FT, who have a lot more experience and won 2nd place in Season 1, managed to win their matchup 2-0.

Meanwhile, within the Malaysian teams, Borneo Dragons pulled off a surprise upset against Saiyan Reborn, supposedly one of the strongest Saiyan teams. BD FV, who are a really new team, are now in 6th place on the standings, and have managed to pull themselves up from where they were in the first 2 weeks.

Unfortunately for BD FV, they in turn got taken down by ICON, a Malaysian team that has been consistently strong so far.

Sibling Rivalry

There was also rivalry between sibling teams. In particular, AirAsia Saiyan and their sister team, Saiyan Reborn, had a showdown. ASYN won out 2-1, but not before Reborn put up quite a tough fight, refusing to let their siblings bully them.

Old Rivals

Bigetron SG and MCB are long-time friends and rivals, and have been this way since Season 1, where MCB finished in 5th place during playoffs while BTR claimed the championship.

This time though, MCB managed to beat Bigetron 2-1, but surprisingly not without a fight, where MCB made too many mistakes in Game 2 and were punished for it by BTR. Is Bigetron finally waking up?

Players and Heroes

The MVP of Week 3 is…Aeon from Flash Tyrants!

His performance on Harley was superb, and he managed to achieve a Maniac in the FT vs Traitor game, weaving in and out of combat while securing kills easily.

Hero Spotlight

Well, since Aeon used Harley to get a Maniac, let’s focus on Harley!

Harley’s a hero that’s really fun to use and easy to pick up, but hard to master. He’s versatile and can deal a large amount of damage with his ultimate which amplifies all damage that a target takes for the duration it’s locked onto a target. He can also dive in and out combat with his Skill 2 (which basically gives him a free Flicker)