For our Week 2 article on influential heroes, let’s have a look at Karrie, who was played to perfection by EVOS SG’s Soul.

I really love the way he pulled off all the crazy good plays to be honest, so I got in touch with him and managed to get some tips and a guide on how to use Karrie well.

So,let’s see…

What makes Karrie strong?

The way I see it, Karrie is a marksman whose specific niche is to counter tanks. She’s still a powerful marksman on her own, but that’s usually the primary reason to pick her.

1. Her passive gives her “true” damage

To quote the Mobile Legends wiki: “Lightwheel Mark adds a Lightwheel to the enemy with each basic attack or skill. When Lightwheel Mark reaches 5 stacks, the marks deal true damage based on max HP.”

That’s crazy good, isn’t it? I mean, if the enemy team is really tanky, even fed marksmen might have trouble killing them, but Karrie doesn’t even break a sweat, she just charges in and starts firing away regardless of how much armor or health they have.

2. Karrie’s ultimate allows her to fire off a lot of shots

To synergize with her passive, Karrie’s ultimate reduces her attack speed and damage, but allows her to fire off two shots at once per attack, so she can trigger her passive multiple times in rapid succession and rapidly deplete an enemy’s HP.

3. Highly mobile

Apart from being a tank-killer, Karrie is also very mobile, with her Skill 2 allowing her to dash in any direction to engage or escape from enemies. It also fires off a Lightwheel when used, so that’s pretty nice.

How to Play Her

Emblems and Items

Karrie works well with Assassin emblems, because they boost her movement speed and allow her to generate gold easily, which helps her to reposition and dodge well in teamfights, as well as buy her required items as soon as possible.

In terms of items, here’s a suggested list:

Golden Staff – It’s definitely a core item, since it converts your critical chance (which Karrie doesn’t really need) into attack speed and triggers basic effects three times on every third hit.

Endless Battle -Aalso very helpful because her skill cooldowns are low, which means she can spam her skills and trigger the effect a lot.

Wind of Nature – If you’re facing physical assassins (Fanny, Helcurt, etc), this helps to prevent you dying too fast.

Your other items are situational.


Karrie shouldn’t be played overly cautiously, like most other weak marksmen. Her passive hurts a lot, even in the earlygame. When going up against melee heroes, always try to hit them at least 5 times to trigger her passive and deal heavy damage, which will eventually force them out of the lane.

In teamfights, save your Skill 2 dash for important moments when you need to reposition or dodge crowd control, instead of blindly spamming it whenever you can.