Hello there, and welcome back to our weekly Regular Season 2 recap!

So another week has passed, and we’ve had lots of interesting matches and developments so far. Here’s the score table, and the recap videos for you to catch up on what’s been happening so far.

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To sum things up, Week 2 has mostly been a week of clashes between titans, with the underdogs trying to stake their claim as well.

First up…

A Sleeping Giant Awakens

After an utterly disappointing Week 1 for the seemingly strong EVOS SG from Singapore, it appears that the slumbering titan has woken up and is now rampaging across the land.

In Week 1, they lost badly (0-2) to the underdog team Traitor from Malaysia, which was a rude awakening for EVOS SG.

Having learned from their mistakes this week, EVOS SG proceeded to decimate their fellow Singaporean team Flash Tyrants (the 2nd place runner-ups in Season 1)

as well as We Own World (WOW)

with a clean score of 2-0 each.

They demonstrated superior gameplay skill, with their first game versus WOW ending in only FIVE MINUTES!

Yes, you read that right. 5 minutes, breaking last week’s record set by AirAsia Saiyan vs Borneo Dragon FV of a 10 minute game.

In their first game vs WOW, EVOS SG basically dogpiled the toplane and pushed to win when they had the opportunity. It was a risky play, but it paid off.

Battle of the Titans

Speaking of giants, they aren’t just found in Singapore. Across the Causeway in Malaysia, Week 2 of the Regular Season saw another clash of titans, between two of the 4 invited teams: Mystic Burden (MCB) and AirAsia Saiyan (ASYN).

To recap last season’s results briefly, in the playoffs MCB took 5th place while ASYN took the 4th spot. MCB recently had a major roster shuffle between the qualifiers and regular season, so their current roster’s level of skill has been hard to judge until now.

It seems to be roughly the same as before, though, since they lost 2-1 to ASYN in this match.

In other news, we also had a battle of titans between Singapore and Malaysia in the form of Flash Tyrants (FT) vs MCB.

Flash Tyrants, despite being slightly out of form compared to last season (they’re right in the middle of the Standings chart right now), predictably managed to stomp on MCB 2-0.

Giants and Giant-slayers

And of course, where there are giants, you can also find giant-slayers.

Bigetron SG, the champions of last season, are STILL in a major slump that they seem unable to recover from. Their dismal performance thus far has been disappointing, and they’ve just had another nail hammered into their giant-sized coffin by Traitor, scoring 0-2 in their matchup.

In their Week 2 matchup, Bigetron’s performance was terribly subpar.  Even the presence of their star player Ly4Ly4Ly4 wasn’t enough to turn things around (and honestly, he didn’t do THAT well anyway).

Player and Hero(es) Spotlight


As always, I like to highlight outstanding players and heroes of the week.

This week’s most influential player thus far has been Soul of EVOS SG, for his crazy plays and superb performance on Karrie.

Soul just kept racking up the kills in his team’s two matchups (Flash Tyrants and We Own World) and even scored a Savage.

For reference, in Game 2 vs FT his KDA was 9/4/4, and in Game 2 vs WOW his KDA was 13/1/3.

WOW indeed.


As I’ve already mentioned, Karrie was highly influential this week. It wasn’t just EVOS SG that picked her, mind you, with teams like AirAsia Saiyan and Mystic Burden drafting her as well, but EVOS SG was the team that really made her shine. Karrie is particularly strong due to her ability to pump out massive amounts of autoattacks, and she also serves as an anti-tank marksman with percentage true health damage.