So we’ve just concluded week 1 of our MPL – MY/SG S2 regular season, and boy, it’s been a pretty interesting week so far.

Here’s the results list for Week 1.

As of now, AirAsia Saiyan and ICON are at the top of the rankings, with EVOS Esports SG and Borneo Dragon FV falling right to the bottom. Notably, Bigetron SG, Season 1’s defending champions, are in a tough spot too at #8, having won only 1 point across 4 games.

Here, have some recap videos.

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I bet you’re eager to know what’s been taking place, so let’s get right into the action.

Old Rivalries


Flash Tyrants (FT) vs AirAsia Saiyan (ASYN)

Here’s an interesting matchup between rivals. ASYN were part of last season’s top 4 teams, taking 4th place in the playoffs. It seems like they’ve improved somewhat though, since they managed to beat out FT in this week’s match. But then again, FT also caused their own defeat by making crucial mistakes in their games. A bad draft phase in game 2 was basically their downfall.

It wasn’t so apparent early on, with good rotations covering up the flaw, but in the lategame FT lost a crucial engage and lost the game, which caused them to tilt further for game 3 and make mistakes early on, giving ASYN the lead and victory.


Flash Tyrants vs Bigetron SG (BTR)

These two Singaporean teams once again had the chance to go up against each other.

Last season, FT fought hard to win the playoff finals, but unfortunately, BTR won out and claimed the championship.

This time, though, it seems like BTR is off to a pretty rocky start, losing 1-2 to their rivals. They’re rather out of form, and apparently haven’t been training as much as they should in the gap between seasons. Feeding Helcurt (FT’s Aeon) in Game 1 was a terrible mistake, which led to FT snowballing out of control.

As for Game 3, Mr.Vi attributes the loss to a bad draft where they shouldn’t have picked Martis (who couldn’t really do much). FT’s Swan was also crazy good on Grock though, using his wall and strong earlygame AOE damage to split up BTR and set up kills, which contributed to their win.


Bigetron SG fails to deliver

In other news, BTR continues to disappoint further with their 0-2 loss to ICON, failing to draft well (Nana as a last pick? Really?) and playing badly. It’s apparent that they’re severely outclassed this time round, and they need to buck up in the remaining 5 weeks if they want to retain the title.

EVOS Esports SG flops badly


EVOS Esports SG vs Traitor

As for the 3rd Singaporean team, EVOS Esports SG, they’ve been an utter disappointment too. Their match vs Traitor was a complete mess. Like really, after all the hype about Singaporean players being some of the best, they failed to win even a single game!

The blame lies solely with them though,  for playing overly passively and not being aggressive, making mistakes instead of utilizing their strong points.

Rising Stars

It’s not all gloom and doom though. We’ve had some pretty influential players, teams, and also heroes this week.

Saiyan Reborn’s Jinn, the star of the show

One notable player would be Saiyan Reborn‘s Jinn, who somehow managed to secure his Gusion picks in games 2 and 3 vs Traitor and proceeded to go wild, ending both games with a KDA of 6/0/6 and 12/0/5 respectively and securing his team’s victory. He’s the top global Gusion, so no surprise there.

Airasia Saiyan, soaring to a swift victory

AirAsia Saiyan vs Borneo Dragon FV (BD FV)

The other Saiyan team, AirAsia Saiyan, also pulled off an interesting achievement, where they managed to end game 3 of their match (which they won) vs Borneo Dragon FV within 10 minutes through sheer agression. BD FV couldn’t keep up at all!

Hero Picks


Grock has been a really influential pick/ban, with players like Swan, Gripex, and Error putting him to good use in their respective matches.

The thing about Grock is he’s tanky AND also has strong earlygame damage, AND can negate CC with his first skill. So hey, pretty solid guy all round. And his wall ability and ultimate AoE knockup are just icing on the cake, combined with Rapid Boots.


And then there’s Selena.

Oh, she is annoying, with her long-range stun and crazy high damage. And that’s just on her own. Getting stunned by her is pretty much a death sentence if the enemy team is nearby, as you just KNOW they’ll pounce on you and murder you.

I’ll go deeper into what makes these heroes tick in our weekly Hero Spotlight, which will be out this Thursday.

Stay tuned for more articles!