Here’s our third article on the teams that qualified to the regular season. Today we’re focusing on We Own World, a Malaysian pro team that won the wildcard slot.

WOW was formed in November 2017, and started touring in March 2018, so yeah, it’s a really new team.

Their roster consists of:

  • Shanks (Captain)
  • Vinsmoke
  • Mihawk
  • Dragon
  • Xray
  • Luffy

Shanks and Vinsmoke were schoolmates, and met Dragon, Luffy, and Xray through online play.

The team members originate from all over Malaysia, with members from Johor, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Kelantan and the Klang Valley. They didn’t actually start out as a team with the intention to compete professionally, but to climb the Ranked ladder.

After Yasuo (their manager) joined, he felt they had the potential to go further, and so he encouraged them to do so, which led them here.


How do you feel about  qualifying to the regular season?

Firstly, we are very grateful to Allah SWT.

We would also like to thank those who have been supporting us. We’re happy and crying tears of joy. Nobody thought our dream could become a reality, thanks to the hard work and prayers. We did it.

What do you and your team hope to achieve for Season 2?

We’re at a good stage, and the real challenge begins now: facing other strong teams. And we’ll try our best to surpass the competition and become champions, like the shock win Team NXL pulled off in the previous season of MPL ID.

What challenges await you?

The challenges we’re facing are on a whole other level compared to before. Now we have fans as well as haters. I think that’s quite a big challenge too, but playing against other strong teams will help us to grow in maturity and move forward.

What’s your plan after Season 2?

We’re gonna keep bringing WOW higher, and we plan to continue fighting in MPL – MY/SG Season 3 and big tours. We will also try our best to represent Malaysia in competitions and make the country proud.

What do you wanna say to your fans/the audience?

We’re putting our hope in the supporters of WOW and MLBB Malaysia, that they’ll continue to strongly support whichever team they’re interested in, and that they keep up their support for Malaysian teams, especially our team.

Also, don’t forget to like our official Facebook page!

What’s your opinion on the other qualified/invited teams? Who’s the strongest?

Well, regardless of whether they’re Malaysian or Singaporean, they all have to be strong to get in. We’re also the wildcard team, so the other teams are all gonna be a big challenge and very skilled. Prior to this, Flash Tyrants were our mentors, and we have a close relationship with their team and maintain constant contact despite being in different countries.

What about strong players?

Not sure. They’re all dangerous opponents that made it past qualifiers. The ingame situation can shift very easily, so sometimes you can go from winning to losing just like that. Anything can happen.