Welcome back to the Know Your Qualified Teams series. Today, let’s have a look at Traitor.

I feel like their logo and team name just fits really well, because they’re all ex-Mystic Burden (and their sister squads) players. Traitors indeed.

Their roster consists of:

  • Hangus (Captain)
  • Eone
  • kecik
  • FISH
  • arrow
  • fayde

Hangus and Eone are brothers (Eone is the older one), and the rest of the team members are their friends and neighbours who live nearby. It’s a pretty close-knit team I suppose.

How do you guys feel about qualifying to the regular season?

Honestly, we didn’t expect to get in, because there are lots of other strong teams. So yeah, we’re very happy and excited about this opportunity to have this new experience of joining the Mobile Legends tournament.

What do you and the team want to achieve this season?

Victory, of course. And the experience of competing in a big tournament.

What challenges do you foresee?

I think the main challenge would be competing with other teams that already have the reputation for being strong. They aren’t just strong, they also have more experience than us as a team.

What’re your plans for after Season 2 (win or lose)?

Regardless of the outcome of MPL – MY/SG S2, we’ll try our best to join lots more tournaments in future, and also improve our skills and teamwork in this game.

What do you wanna say to your fans/the audience?

To all our loyal fans out there, keep supporting us, okay?

What do you think of the other qualified/invited teams? Any strong teams?

The strongest team is definitely the one that won last season’s MPL – MY/SG (Bigetron SG).

What about strong players?

Fredo (from AirAsia Saiyan)…haha.