Welcome back to this series on knowing your qualified teams!

In this article, let’s have a look at team ICON.

Who are team ICON?

Team ICON is a really new team, as it was only formed in April 2018, so they don’t have a long history yet.

ICON is apparently made up entirely of top Malaysian players (or so they claim). Their current roster is:

  • ComeToPapa
  • Unta
  • Syno
  • Error
  • King Ketom
  • Zhen

Cometopapa, Unta, and Zhen were previously from team Eksdi, while King Ketom was from MYA JR, and Error and Syno were from Saints MY.

I spoke to their manager, MrCocan (who is also part of the casting team for our regular season and playoffs). Here’s the information he gave out. (Translated from Bahasa Malaysia)

How do you guys feel about entering the regular season?

We’re really relieved and overjoyed that we managed to get in. It’s also really awesome that we get to meet the other top teams in the regular season, from both Malaysia as well as Singapore.

What do you guys hope to achieve this season?

Well, we’re obviously aiming to do our best in this tournament. And of course, not forgetting our main goal which is to claim the championship.

What challenges do you think you’ll face/are facing?

Well, the regular season is definitely gonna be a challenge for us to overcome. However, we’re ready to face this hurdle as a team.

What are your plans for after Season 2?

Regardless of the outcome, we’ll continue to play competitively and keep up the fight, as we continuously move forward.

Anything you wanna tell the fans/audience?

To y’all out there, don’t stop supporting us, because we’re definitely gonna keep delivering our best performance for you guys and for team ICON!

What do you think of the other qualified/invited teams? Any teams to watch out for?

They’re all strong, but in particular we have to watch out for the Singapore teams.

What about players? Anyone to watch out for?

No specific players. I’m pretty sure that all the players are strong and shouldn’t be underestimated, since they managed to make it this far into the regular season.