We’ve got some big news, so you might wanna sit down in case you faint or something.

Alright, here goes:

eGG is proud to announce the continuation of the partnership between us and Moonton, developers of Mobile Legends!

Wait, what? Seriously?

Yes, seriously.

Which means…MPL-MY/SG Season 2!

Which also means…the MPL-MY/SG Season 2 Qualifiers are here!


Season 1 Viewership

Here are some viewership stats for Season 1 of MPL-MY/SG, to give you an idea of our audience numbers.

Our highest concurrent stream views: 42.8k viewers

Total views:  2.16 million viewers

Pretty awesome, eh? Imagine that many people watching you live, cheering you on and rooting for you to win.


Qualifier Details

So, what’s the qualifier gonna be like?

Here we go…

Over 1000 teams (YES, more than a 1000 TEAMS!) are gonna duke it out for supremacy over 3 qualifying periods, each lasting 3 days. Malaysian teams will undergo 2 of these qualifiers, while Singaporeans will have one.

Wow, that’s a lot of teams.


These teams will face each other in a best of 1 (BO1) single elimination. From the Round of 16 onwards, the format will switch to a BO3 single elimination.

At the end of the qualifiers, the top 2 teams on the Malaysian side and champions from Singapore, 5 in total, will immediately qualify for the regular season.

The two 3rd place teams on the Malaysian side will play in a BO3 wild card slot, and the winner of that slot will join the other 5 challengers as well, which makes for a total of 6 teams.

But what’s in it for me? Just recognition?

Patience, my friend. It’s a virtue after all :). I’ll explain shortly.

So you’re wondering what you can stand to win huh? Well, wonder no more.

Our total prize pool is…more than $100,000USD!

Now, don’t get all starry-eyed yet, cuz there’s more!

If you get past the qualifiers, your team will be receiving a subsidy of $300USD throughout the 6 weeks of regular season, JUST for showing up to matches and playing. That’s a great deal, yeah?


And there’s EVEN MORE!


You or your team could stand to win various player awards along with a nice sum of cash too. Have a look at the list below, and dream big!

Regular Season MVP – $1000USD

King of KDA – $500USD

Grand Finals MVP – $1000USD

All Star Team Winner – $1500USD ($300USD per player).


Dates and Times

When can you register? When are the qualifier dates? What time will the qualifiers take place?

Fun fact: Registration for Malaysian qualifier 1 opens like, super soon! Today, actually. Here are the details:

Malaysian Qualifier 1 Registration date: 14/6 – 19/6

Malaysian Qualifier 2 Registration date: 22/6 – 26/6

Singaporean Qualifier Registration date: 29/6 – 4/7


The 3 qualifying periods will be as follows:

Malaysia Qualifier 1

Day 1, 22 June, Friday. 7:00pm-10:30pm

Day 2, 23 June, Saturday. 11:00am-7:30pm

Day 3, 24 June, Sunday. 3:00pm-9:00pm

Malaysia Qualifier 2

Day 1, 29 June, Friday. 7:00pm-10:30pm

Day 2, 30 June, Saturday. 11:00am-7:30pm

Day 3, 1 July, Sunday. 3:00pm-9:00pm


Singapore Qualifier

Day 1, 7 July, Saturday. 11:00am-7:30pm

Day 2, 8 July, Sunday. 1:00pm-9:00pm

The Malaysian wildcard slot will take place on the same day as Singapore’s qualifiers.


Other Info

For this year’s MPL, we’re bringing back Season 1’s top 4 winning teams. They won’t have to go through qualifiers again, but will instead enter the regular season directly.

The 4 teams are:

  • Bigetron SG (formerly known as IDNS SG)
  • Mystic Burden
  • Airasia Saiyan
  • Flash Tyrants (formerly known as Tyrants)


Bigetron SG (formerly IDNS SG)

They were the champions of last year’s MPL-MY/SG.

Bigetron SG has good teamwork, carefully engineered teamfight engagement, and top-notch decision-making.

They are also careful with the team’s gold management. They may be cold and calculated in their approach, but when a fight breaks out, they display ruthless aggression.

The current roster for IDNS SG consists of MR•Vi, Ly4Ly4Ly4, Jason Koh, wQxD, & ѕαиα ☆.

Their captain MR•Vi won the title of Playoffs MVP during S1.

Flash Tyrants (formerly Tyrants)

Flash Tyrants took 2nd place in MPL-MY/SG S1.

Flash Tyrants are dynamic, and their roles change according to the heroes they pick. They field a traditional Dota 2 lane: 1 Offlaner, 1 Midlaner, and a Trilane.

They also usually park their Marksman in the trilane when most teams would be inclined to field the role in the Midlane.

They are a group of long-time childhood friends who have played Mobile Legends together before going pro.

The current roster for Tyrants consists of: Aeon, Aubi, Xian, Swan, Ming, & Lun.

AirAsia Saiyan

During MPL-MY/SG S1, AirAsia Saiyan were in 4th place.

AirAsia Saiyan places a lot of focus on teamfights and pushing. Their team chemistry is strong and each member of the team has a wide hero pool.

They also have lots of strategies in their bank. And because of each player’s flexibility, they can focus on counter-picking their opponents and responding to almost any situation.

They’ve been the most consistently popular team in the competitive scene thus far.

The current roster for AirAsia Saiyan consists of: Fredo, Gripex, Rush, Logan, Soloz, & Penjahat.


Mystic Burden

Mystic Burden (MCB) finished in 5th place during S1. If you’re wondering why they got invited instead of Mysterious Assassins (MyA) (who secured 4th place), it’s because MyA had a major roster change recently. Because of that, they are not eligible to enter the Regular Season directly and will have to proceed through qualifiers like every other team.

Mystic Burden likes to play a Filipino-esque meta which focuses on aggressive gameplay throughout the match. They generally value fighting over pushing and try to end the game early by snowballing to victory.

Their current roster consists of Ashi, Xorn, Kuja, Nenas, & Dominus.


So yeah, there you have it, that’s all you need to know.


Dude, what are you waiting for? Go sign up!

Malaysian Qualifier 1 registration is now closed.

Malaysian Qualifier 2 registration is now closed. 

The Singapore Qualifier has closed.

Good luck in the Regular season, guys 😀