Mystic Burden eased to a 2-0 victory over Team Eksdi in last weekend’s studio match. We caught up with Hangus to talk about his experience in the studio and in MPL.

Mystic Burden during their studio match

1) Talk about your experience in the studio match.

In my opinion, the studio match was an exciting experience and we definitely felt nervous because we had to face our opponents in real life. From a game play point of view, there was a strong positive impact because our communication as a team became smoother compared to when we were playing online.

2) Which heroes do you think are most valuable in the current MPL metagame? 

For MPL, every squad will likely have different metas, and they will have their own reasons for using them. For us, two of the most valuable heroes in the current metagame is Akai and Kagura. In our last match, we picked Alice because this was one of Mystic Burden’s strategy to counter Team Eksdi, and thank God it worked!

3) Talk about your loss to Team Saiyan despite winning on kills, how did that affect the team? 

Our defeat to Team Saiyan 2 weeks ago did affect us greatly; it made us more determined to come up with new and different drafts. It is undeniable that we were ahead on kills but lost both games, and we learnt a lot. Because of that loss, we did an internal post-mortem and have worked on improving our weaknesses in all our training sessions after that match.

4) Share a little about the team’s play style.

Mystic Burden is a squad that has a very aggressive play style. This can be seen in our previous games where we secure a lot of kills. This might be because individually, the majority of Mystic Burden were Assassin players, so we know when we can secure kills even if we have to dive under enemy turrets.

5) You are facing Tyrants next – are you worried about them? What can we expect from your team?

Tyrants are one of the stronger Singaporean squads and it is impossible if we don’t feel worried. Nevertheless, we will do our best and try to use new drafts and we hope we can collect more points to strengthen Mystic Burden’s position in the league.

6) Can you give a shoutout to the fans?

To Mystic Burden fans, a big thank you for always supporting us even though we are underdogs and are not that famous. Thank you for all the encouraging words that you gave us whenever we lose or win. Not to forget a big thank you to everyone who gives Mystic Burden any kind of criticism, because that means people are also following our team’s development.

Mystic Burden play Tyrants and IDNS SG this weekend. It’ll be two tough matches, so be sure to support them! You can catch all the action live on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and eGG Network’s Facebook pages.